Color! Color! What color do you choose ?

Home is a happy place and will be more happier if it is a perfect place to be. What makes it perfect? Is it when everything is place, neat and organized? If you can manage to keep it that way then it is great. But it might not be ideally possible when you have kids around throwing things, jumping, playing with toys.

For me a happy and perfect home is a place where everything is clean and and everyone is happy.

Color is something which is of great significance when it comes to make your house look spacious, clean and make you happy. It is said that colors affect the mood of everyone including children. Colors have the ability to inspire, soothe anyone at any time. Children are very sensitive to colors and for that reason it is very important choose a nice color for your child’s room or for your house.

There are lots and lots of options when if comes to choosing colors to paint your house. Before you grab any color which you like on the color book, it is important to do your research properly. Image Courtesy: Google search


Choose a color which looks really fresh, refreshes your mood when you look at it and makes you feel really good about yourself. Let me give you few examples.. When you go to a shop you will immediately know how fresh the vegetables are as soon as you lay your eyes upon them or how a bright and clear evening sky can lift your mood. Choosing colors to paint your child’s room is as simple as that. DO NOT ever choose any color which is duller or way too dark which can make you sad and gloomy. That’s the rule to choose a perfect color for your child’s room.

It is a known fact that dark color absorbs more light. That means there is little light inside the room making the room look dark and small. But the lighter shade of colors reflects more light which in turn make the room look more brighter and spacious. Considering it you should always choose a color which reflects more light.

Also it is said that dark colors retain more heat than the light colors. There are extensive information available over the world wide web about what colors to choose from.

You just have to remember to choose fresh and light colors.

Keep in mind that, as soon as you enter a room you will immediately be surrounded by walls and indirectly by the colors applied on the walls. And for this reason it is important to choose the colors wisely.

You can definitely brighten up the room using wall decals, wall arts, wall clock, using bright colors on the wardrobe, furniture and many more things.


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Why play outdoor ?

There are lots of classic outdoor games for the children to play. But why the stress on playing outdoor? Let me give you many and many more reasons to convince you to send your child out to play even if you are busy or being lazy.

Playing outdoor

  1. Helps them breathe fresh air
  2. Aids in cognitive development where the knowledge is gained through perception, awareness, reasoning, judgement
  3. Aids in social and emotional development: like meeting and dealing with new people and situations
  4. Helps learn the art of co-operative play, the art of sharing toys/candies/food
  5. Help them learn to discover, express themselves and will start understanding the world around them in their own way
  6. They definitely helps them make friends which is important for their well being

It is very important for the kids to spend time without any strain on either the body or the mind and without their parents always saying what to do and what not to do.


Image courtesy: Google Image search result for “outdoor play”

It is also said that the preschoolers learn many things through senses. When outside the child gets to experience the senses. Children will

See :         Trees, plants, flowers, birds, butterflies, animals,
Hear :      Birds chirping, the wind rustling through the leaves and airplane flying in the sky
Taste :    Taste of a morning dew drop, they can as well taste few leaves like Holy Basil etc
Smell :   To smell fragrant flowers, fruit, the smell of the wind just before it rains, the rain-soaked ground, bad smells, good smells. The list is endless.
Touch :  Touch of a plant, caterpillar, flower and many more things

But the child who spend time watching TV/computer/phones can develop only two senses seeing and hearing affecting their perceptual abilities.

One of the big benefits of outdoor playing is being free from parental and adult constraints. One theory says all the jeers, taunts, calls, rhymes and teasing that go on when adults aren’t around actually give children the chance to:

  • Understand complex speech and language patterns like phonology, lexis, grammar and syntax
  • Develop more complex skills around friendships and social engagement

There are definitely a few challenges faced by parents even after agreeing on the the benefits of outdoor play. Few are mentioned below

  • Danger of playing on road where people are driving with little driving sense and also of stray dogs.
  • There is Stranger Danger which is coupled with the reason that parents having very little or no time supervising children when playing outside
  • Few parents are too lazy after a day of tiring work that they engage their children in other indoor activities like TV/Computer/Mobile phones.

As a parent wanting only the best for your child YOU DEFINITELY know what to do. Need I say more? Where there is a will there is way. So find out your way to indulge your child in playing outdoor.


Is learning as easy as playing with rocks ?!!

Yes it is !!

The inspiration for this article is the love my daughter has for collecting rocks. She collects them when we go out for a walk or when we come across any construction site where plenty are available. She is never concerned about either the shape or the size. She picks them all and treasures it for sometime until she can’t find them as I would have thrown her previous collection.

One day on our way back from a walk, something flashed me. I thought why not engage her at home instead of taking her out for a walk. What is the better way than to use her treasured rocks to keep her busy? That way I can be at home and still I won’t let me daughter get bored.

All I did was this.. I asked her to get all the rocks she has collected and then I started arranging them in the shape of a flower. She watched curiously for a minute and then joined me. After that she was too busy arranging them in a line and then as a circle for almost more than thirty minutes. In the mean while I clicked few pictures of her and enjoyed my cup of coffee. Look at the collage


A word of caution: Definitely need to keep an eye if your child as they might end up putting stones into their mouth. It will be great if you can find rocks which are bigger in size so that you do not have to worry much about. This play is not for very small children.

You can teach your children shapes, alphabets and many other things. So Isn’t learning is as easy as playing with rocks?

Share your experiences.

Good posture for kids ?

Have you observed how your child stands and sits. Most of the time you will find your child slouching. It might seem alright at the moment and you might not feel that it is important to correct the child. BUT.. A word of CAUTION…

If you do not take proper step then your child might end up straining his back which will lead to back problems and also few long term issues. His poor posture can’t be blamed as it was always your responsibility to correct it.

Having a good posture means to have your skeleton properly aligned to have a balanced body with evenly distributed weight on all body parts causing less damage to the spinal cord and other joints.

With a bad posture anyone can have a joint pain as the bones in our body will not be aligned properly causing the stress and strain on the joints.

PostureKidsImage courtesy: Google

Adults have to take care of lots of things such as their poor sleeping position, high-heel sandals etc. But when it comes to children, most of the time it is correctable as it is the parent’s responsibility to do so. It can be a difficult task to teach the child good posture. You know the posture is BAD when

  • Your child doesn’t look fit, confident and alert most the time
  • Carries a school bag pack which is heavier that he can manage to handle
  • Slouching when in front of the computer or TV

There is an excellent read at Ririan Project which tells us that the good posture

1. Portrays a confident image and makes a sound of your voice better
2. Allows us to breath easily and deeply
3. Increases Oxygen circulation and aids in digestion
4. Makes you look slimmer and younger
5. Allows us to keep the correct alignment of muscle and joint.
6. Can make you look happy, and on top of the world
7. Definitely not the least: You will have a healthier spine

Including your reminders, below mentioned these are someways ways of helping the child to correct the good posture

1. Do some exercise / yoga which can strengthen the core of the body
2. Make them sit on a stability ball, which strengthens her core
3. Always make sure that while studying or while doing any activity, the furniture should be of the child size and aligned ex: Study table, chair
4. It also says that her backpack should be no more that 10% of her body weight

Have fun! Something for you to think about

A quote by Morihei Ueshiba says “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind”. Ririan Project mentions that the posture says everything about a person. Someone who stands erect gives off an aura of pride and self-confidence, while someone who slumps and stoops looks like he’s ashamed to be taking up space.

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Kids room decor checklist

Search for Room decor for kids on Google and you will have as many ideas for room design as there are kids in this world. There is no constraint for the products available as long as the parent can afford it.

Image courtesy: Google image search term “Room decor for kids”

Kids room decor checklist

However, it is important to keep few things in mind. The child won’t ask you for a fancy room to begin with at his small age. It is YOU i.e the Parent of the child who fancies a beautiful room decor as you love your child and want to give everything beautiful. The child will definitely out grow them soon when he starts to understand the world and develops his own liking.

There are infinite number of choices when it comes to decorating your child’s room. Below mentioned list mentions few products which are necessary. You can still be as creative as you want to be with these.

  1. Color of the room: Let it be pastel colors as it gives a light and calm effect to the room
  2. A comfortable cot (need not be fancy), bed, bed sheets and pillows. All should be comfortably soft mostly made out of linen
  3. Toys and book storage: Very important to keep the room organized
  4. Wardrobe with a lock: However small it be, the need is to keep all the cloths and personal belongings away from any outsider. Wardrobe with a lock will ensure that the things inside be safe and out of reach of anyone visiting the house and you can lock it and let anyone enter the child’s room.
  5. Study area: Important that the child has a study area which is flexible, very well lit and has storage. This will avoid the need of sitting on the bed for studying. You can also have a nice rug which can also be used for the study purpose, in this case provide the child with a wooden stool to rest the books.
  6. Art wall : Where kids can display their achievement, craft
  7. Pictures of your child or anything else which your child loves
  8. Wall clock
  9. Something to decorate on the room wall and on the door of the child’s room
  10. Light colored cotton curtains for the windows.

If you still want get beautiful things for your child’s room then here are few websites which can come in handy.

I personally liked the website PotteryBarnKids

 We will be starting with “Decor of the day”. Where in you can send in an entry which will be a picture of the child’s room which you have decorated. We will share the “Decor of the day” picture on our website and you will be given an opportunity to share your experiences with us.

Maps maps maps for kids

As adults we love the enthusiasm and happiness the word TRAVEL brings along with it. When you travel with friends and family you look forward to having lots of crazy and happy moments. The experience will be even better if you know about the place you are visiting. This little knowledge makes you more curious and will inspire you to know more about the place.

I personally feel it is very important to introduce the child to the word “Travel” and you can do this by sitting at home and showing places to your child. How is it going to happen??? Introduce them to Maps.

Travel Maps

As per the blog theworldofmaps, a child might not be able to read at that small age but he will definitely be able to read the map. Introducing them to maps will allow them to picture locations.

He might not understand what exactly it is at that early age but he will definitely be interested in it if you show the child where he lives by pointing it out on the map. This is a small thing to do but will definitely be something which the children should get introduced to at the small age which can motive them to do something related to travelling, be it travelling the world or knowing places around the world. It will definitely help a child in their social studies later in their school.

I strongly believe that every good thing we introduce to our children at the earliest years in their life will always be a part of their life and it becomes parent’s responsibility to take care of it.

You can search on google to get child friendly maps, print it, laminate it and give it to your child. It is important for parents to be a part of this activity and ask questions to the child. You can ask them to show where they live, show their country, state etc.

Once they grow older you can introduce more detailed maps. Child will be more curious about anything which is not forced upon them. Anything which we want to teach a child should always be through an interesting activity.

You can start with your country’s map and slowly introducing the child to a world map. In these times where any child can understand technology better that the adult, why not introduce them to Google Earth. That is a great place to start which can be easily accessed on your laptop, computer, smart phone or a tablet.

Below given are few links of maps which you can print it out, laminate it and give it to your child. Or you can make a world map poster and hang it in the child’s room.

Looking forward to your experiences

Homemade Toothpaste for kids

I came across an article about Homemade toothpaste for kids.To find out is it really worth doing this exercise at home, I decided to do a research on the topic. Image courtesy: Google image search result for Homemade toothpaste for toddlers


The word “Homemade” when coupled with any other product gives us a feeling of cleanliness, organic, less expensive and lots of hard work. Let us find out if this is worth investing your time on this one.

This is what I found

Homemade toothpaste for kids uses Baking Soda as a main Ingredient. As per few blogs which I have read it is safe to use it as long as the child doesn’t consume it in large quantities, which might result in loose stool or diarrhea. And excessive consumption over time may lead to the formation of kidney stones. As per livestrong, many dental associations have approved toothpastes and tooth-power using baking soda.

These are the good uses of Baking Soda as a base

  • For parents who do not wish to use tooth care products with fluoride, baking soda is a good alternative provided you consult your dentist
  • Baking Soda is an effective tooth cleaning product as it is mildly abrasive which helps it remove sticky plaque and stubborn sugar deposits in the grooves of the teeth
  • It can be used as a natural tooth whitener, according to the dentists at Quarry Bend Dental
  • The natural freshening ability of baking soda reduces halitosis, or bad breath.

Even with the above mentioned good qualities about Baking Soda, the American Dental Association recommends the use of fluoride-containing products for the reduction of cavities, in kids 2 and older, because fluoride seems to help prevent dental disease, states Kids Health.

Another websites has the following information. The chemical name for baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. We know why sodium is bad, and the bicarbonate part is toxic because it is basic (opposite of acidic). In order for the body to function properly, our blood has to be at neutral pH. Too big a change in either direction = bad news. One tablespoon of baking soda ingested by an infant is enough to significantly change blood pH.

Here is the most basic homemade toothpaste recipe for kids

1 Tablespoon coconut oil
1 Tablespoon baking soda
1-2 drops of vanilla, strawberry or any other extract which tastes good. Make sure these are alcohol-free

Mix all the above ingredients together and store it in an airtight container.

Google to find more recipes of homemade toothpastes. Variations of the above mentioned recipes can be found on the web.

Few of the links which gives you more knowledge about this are mentioned bekow

Ultimately it is all a trial and error experiments. Do your research and read lots of articles written by others who have experimented doing the toothpaste at home before you try it yourself. Share your experience if you have any with these homemade toothpastes

There is also an interesting article which gives you information about safe toothpastes for children. I hope this is a good read.

PS: I would recommend you consult your dentist before you try it

Popsicle stick craft

Have you heard of Popsicle sticks??? I mean ice candy sticks. Plenty of them are available out in the market, mostly in a craft shop. All you have to do is to take out some time to buy and refer our blog OR you can search the internet where you can find hundreds of different things you can do with it.

Look at the image and you can know how many different things with it. Image courtesy : Google search result “Popsicle stick crafts for kids”


These are the best websites which lists wonderful craft ideas using Popsicle sticks : This website lists ten of the best crafts
Popsicle stick lamps

You can make bracelets for kids, DIY photo frames for gifting, book marks and many other things. It is left to you to find and do somethings which interests you as there is unlimited possibilities.

Involve your child and it is going to be a beautiful and engaging craft for your child. Share your experience and how did your little one react to this with us.

If you do know find the popsicle sticks then mail us on and we will help you

Lacing card activity

As per activityvillage, Lacing is an excellent activity for kids. It helps in developing fine motor
skills, it improves hand-eye coordination and concentration. I personally feel that it helps build patience in children and the end result of-course is amazing! Google image search for “lacing cards” will give you the following


I have given the instructions to help you start this activity

  • Search for a pattern on the internet as plenty are available or you yourself can cut out a shape.
  • Print it on a paper and cut it out. Which can then be used as a reference to trace the shape on a card board
  • Punch wholes in the corner with a single hole punch
  • Give the child a colored or a regular twine/shoelace/wool to do the lacing.

Patterns can be any shape, animals, alphabets and practically be anything.

I promise you that the child will surely be busy for at-least half an hour.

Lacing cards can be found plenty on the internet. Few interesting patterns can be found at Activity village

For more reference you can have a look at these websites which am sure will inspire you to inspire your child.

PS: Make sure not to give needles or sharp object to the child for lacing activity.

If You are lazy printing patterns then mail us to help you with this.

Origami for Kids

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Origami is an ancient Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes. Origami is fun, challenging, creative and builds the child’s confidence. Please have a look at the pictures to get an idea of what Origami is. Parents should introduce the art to the child at the early age at least by showing him pictures and […]